Arnoud Van Doorn (Dutch Citizen)

Was an anti-Islam. Doorn, who was also a member of the Dutch parliament and the representatives of Hague City, had long been linked with anti-Islamic attitudes for joining the party led by Geert Wilders. Wilders is known as a politician opposed to Islam, Muslims, and the Koran. However, he has now become a convert to Islam. Find out his reasons in the video below.


Maurice Bucaille (France Citizen)

Mummy researcher of Pharaoh (Fir’aun) and decided to convert to Islam. One day in mid 1975, an offer from the French government came to the Egyptian government. The European countries offered help to research, study, and analyze Pharaoh’s mummy. The offer was welcomed by Egypt. After receiving the blessing of the Egyptian government, the Pharaoh’s mummies were then taken to France. The mummy was taken to a special room at the French Archaeological Center, which subsequently carried out research as well as reveal the secret behind it by leading scientists and surgeons and autopsy experts in France. The leader of the surgeon at the same time responsible for this mummy research was Prof. Dr. Maurice Bucaille. Find out why he became a Muslim in the video below.

Daniel Streich (Swiss citizen)

Was a Swiss who hated mosque and Islam, but now prostrate. He is a member of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) to become a famous figure. Not only he was initially strongly opposed to building a mosque in his country, but he was surprisingly converted to become a Muslim. In his attempt to get rid of Islam from Switzerland, this man studied the Qur’an and Islam. He hoped that by understanding the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, he was able to undermine the faith of the Muslims. What happened, he even fascinated with this religion. The further Streich learns Islam, the more he sinks in the beauty of that divine religion.

Shariffa Carlos

The woman named Shariffa Carlos is offered a position as ambassador in Egypt if she wants to major in international relations. But not only that, there is another purpose behind this offer, which is to incite Muslim women in Egypt. However, she finally converted to Islam after studying religion correctly.


The daughter of a prominent Italian politician, Manuela Franco Barbato, has decided to become a Muallaf and wear the Hijab.