If you ask small children what their ideal goals when grown, most of them would answer the type of work or job when they are grown later, for example, some of them would want to become a doctors, lawyers, businessmen or even presidents. If you ask adults, most of them would give similar answers or whatever the answers are to the end of the treasure, position, happiness of life, have many children of big family member, and others. So essentially, every individual has their own different goals, but all of them just want to achieve something in this world only. Why? Maybe because they are not so sure about anything else beyond this life.

Human satisfaction will not end there. We all strive to achieve our individual ideals. Lots of what we want to achieve in the world of life today. In general, here is a list of human ideals, wanting more of the following:

1. The treasure from the work of the labor,
The opposite sex from marriage,
Heredity to enlarge the family,
Achieving a wide range of knowledge at higher education, or
Just to enjoy life to be happier, comfortable and orderly (happiness) as much as possible during our life.

Most everyone wants one, few or all of the lists listed above. There may still be other goals, but whatever it is likely to still belong to the category of one of the above list. For example, if you want to spend your life time traveling (traveling) around the world, your wish wants to be in the category of property and happiness. This is because to travel, you definitely need a lot of money (property) and with the aim of wanting to have fun (happiness), etc. So, you can select one of the above list, or a combination of several.

After choosing, then the next question is: Do you really believe that these goals are what you want in this life? Before answering, let’s read more below.

At its inception, sometimes most or a small part of us, these goals we can achieve, but sometimes some of us too, these goals are still in the middle of the road, or can not be reached reach it until death comes.

Even if one has achieved one of the goals of the ideal, in his heart and will, he will undoubtedly endeavor to achieve even more targets on the next occasion, etc. Basically, people always want better and better things every time there is a chance. This is the nature of human satisfaction, we would never satisfy or something. But unfortunately, human life is limited. In today’s modern era, many health scientists agree that not many humans can live in this world beyond the age of 120. This age limitation factor is natural law, and every human being is very sure and will surely die sooner or later even if the person is getting excellent health and care facilities. Given this limited age, no one will be satisfied with the results achieved in this world.

Then, let’s think again. The above goals that you want to achieve with hard work and spend a lot of your time for, at the end will risk to disappear. This is because if you die, you will not carry any money you save. All your wealth will be passed on to your family or relatives. Will you then be satisfied? If not, is this what you call an ultimate goal? If there is someone who could offer you the best goals that are not at risk will not be loss and eternal, would you be eager to pursue it?

Does it ever occur to you that after we die someday, has the journey been completed, or will there be another life that will sustain the life of the world? The next life that will be much more lasting, indefinitely space, age and time?

And in fact, it is the thinking of a reasonable person that when he dies, he will hope to lead to another life that is more eternal and can continue and fulfill his ideals in the world. Isn’t this knowledge a thing or knowledge that is fun to learn? And make us eager to find more deeply and detail?

Another reason why we should believe in life after death is that life will bring unfulfilled justice in this world. We all know that many crimes have occurred in this world, but the perpetrators of their crimes have not been fairly legalized. Here is a trailer video of why life after death should exist, logically.

If you believe that there will be a next life (after death) and you are eager to find out where we are from and what our purpose in life is. For that, then there are some things that you must note is as follows:

1.Where do we come from?

2. Who is the owner of life after this death?

3. Are there any of our predecessors (teachers) who have taught natural science after death? And is science science able to prove that life?

4. What are the terms and regulations to be able to enter and enjoy the life?

The above questions are leading us to the science of religion. And indeed, our lives today and then (after death) will all depend on and can not escape from the science of religion. However, most people have been swept away by the current temporary life which they think is more a priority, compared to later life after death.


Studying history is an important lesson to answer this question because it concerns the evidence of truth to determine our choice in the present or the future. If you want to know what the purpose and purpose of life is, we must learn what is the purpose of the people who lived in ancient times. Then, from this lesson, we can investigate whether the purpose of the ancients is still relevant to present and future life, or not anymore. With these guidelines, then we should investigate the first person who ever lived in this world.


Previously, let us make the following parable: If you are guilty of committing a crime, such as stealing or killing, the police will arrest you and put you in prison. And then the question is: In prison, let’s say, you are sorry for your actions and want to change and improve, with a hope to get imprisonment acceleration. If there is such a chance, will you (while in prison) make every effort to still live inside prison, or do you want to get out of prison quickly and live in the village where you came from? Surely, most want to choose the second option, which is going back to your village and improve life.

Long ago, history records that our oldest father, Prophet Adam, lived in the village of Heaven (where he came from). Although we have many world religions, most of religions believe of this story. To continue, but because of Satan’s temptations, he and his wife, Eve, made the mistake of disobeying God’s command (eating the forbidden fruit of Heaven). Then, God punished him out of Heaven and into the world of the earth. Notice that the world at that time was a place of exile or imprisonment for Adam (because he had done wrong). After that, Prophet Adam, trying to improve himself during his life in the world. The same question from the prison parable in the above paragraph, does the Prophet Adam want to improve himself to stay for his earthly life, or would he want to regain his hometown (heaven)? Of course, he also chose the second option.

That is the similarity with life in this world. Consciously or unknowingly, most humans want to continue to do good and achieve its goals in this world. In fact, this world was just the prison of his Prophet Adam, which is now our prison. And ironically, we, at this moment, opted for the first choice. It is very unfortunate. The wise choice should be the second option. So here, it is clear that knowledge of history plays an important role for us in knowing about the truth that happened in the past and able to take decisions for the future.


If you are a person who believes in life after death, but you do not believe in God or no religion (atheist or agnostic), you first need to know and find out who owns the whole of nature and its contents. Yes, you have often heard that God is the owner of all the universe and life after death. But you are wondering, is God really there?

Let’s think of a parable as follows: Everyone agrees that, every where a luxurious, well-kept and stately home property must have its owner. It is unlikely that the house would have built itself without anyone building and looking after it. It may be that the owner once existed and no longer existed (died, traveled far and never returned, etc.), but when it is no longer available, the luxury house will become damaged and destroyed. Just as life after death in heaven is vastly extraordinary, almost limitless, there is certainly someone who owns and nurtures it. And then, if we want to enter it, surely we try to ask for permission and God, as the owner, is entitled to determine who is worthy to enter it.

Once you believe in the above things, and if you now believe in life after death, then you should believe in the existence of God, for who will raise people to live again if there is no God who has the power to do that, logically , it is impossible for all of this to happen by itself.

When we are convinced that God is the owner of the heavenly life, we need to find out and know who the name of God is? For the purpose of requesting access to this next life. This is important because in this world there are various religions that each have the trust of the name of God respectively. However, we can not assume that all religions are true. This concept is not true because if every religion has God Himself, then surely every God will fight each other and scramble to have the life of this universe, life after death and that heaven. And as far as the era of the creation of the heavens and the earth, there is never an era of war between Gods, so we can conclude that the number of God has been only ONE. And, the Lord must have all of it, including heaven and the life of this world. Therefore, the concept of one religion and one God is the correct concept. The important task we live in this world is, of the many religions above, choosing which religion is right, before it is too late (or before death meets us).

Actually since the beginning or even since antiquity, people already believe in God and trying to find out but unfortunately the belief in God is split into several beliefs (religion). To shorten the time, let’s investigate some of the religious beliefs that many inhabit the earth’s inhabitants, and this list is compiled in terms of the time when this religion began to be born, as follows:


In the teachings of Hinduism, although it teaches the existence of many Gods who must be obeyed and worshiped, but there are some Hindus who believe that there is only one God. However, unfortunately today, in practice, the majority of Hindus still worship many God.

If you worship many Gods, do you believe that you have worshiped enough God one of the many Gods you worship? And of course, every God will certainly try to find a higher position, and reach the top position.The concept of Hinduism does not conform to the concept that God is One and the Most All.


The founder of this Buddha (Buddhist) doctrine is Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Siddhartha was the name given by his father’s mother when Gautama was also the surname (Gotra). The Buddha also signifies that a man has reached the stage of perfect spiritual awareness. Notice the word “a human” here. This means that the Buddha himself admits that he is just an ordinary human being born from the human family as well, that is Gautama.

The Buddha does not teach about divinity, metaphysics or a philosophy because he himself does not promote philosophy. On the contrary, Buddhism is the doctrine of psychology and ethics relating to life. The teachings of metaphysics in Buddhism are additional (Ahhidhamma) then to the teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma). Concerning the teachings of Dharma can be discussed next time, but most importantly here, the Buddha himself does not regard himself as God, but only as a teacher. so in conclusion the Buddha never created heaven and will not be able to revive people after death. Only God alone is able to create all the universe and its contents, and including heaven.

In addition, Buddhist itself teaches life after death occurs on earth again, or not in other realms (or paradise). This concept is similar to the concept of reincarnation in the teachings of Hinduism.

The concept of Buddhism is also not in accordance with the concept that God is One and the Most All.


Judaism has been claimed to be the first religion to believe in the concept of “Monotheism” (the belief that there is only one God). The personal name of God in Hebrew consists of 4 letters: YHWH, as given to the prophet Moses when Moses asked who his name was in the Book of Exodus (Shemoth). This name is very afraid to be uttered by the Hebrews (Israel) so they only use the word Adonai (= master, my lord) while reading YHWH’s writings in the holy book. In the Indonesian Bible, the word YHWH is written by God (all capitals), and they also acknowledge the word “Allah” which is used for the Hebrew word “El” or “Elohim”. For the term “Allah” many terms are in Hebrew. The word Adonai or El and so to speak is not feared by the Hebrews.

In Hebrew, the word Allah is called by various words:

Adonai, Master or Lord or Mighty God
El, God is Strong
Elohim, the Almighty Creator
Elyon, the Most High God
Elohe Yisrael, the God of Israel
El Olam, the Eternal God
El Roi, God of Seeing
El Shaddai, the Almighty God
Immanuel, God is with us

But unfortunately, this religion is a closed religion. That is, someone who does not have Jewish blood (especially from the father’s side), then that person is not worthy of being or embracing Judaism. You could be a second or third-class of Jew, but will never be considered as a first-class Jew. Then, if you are not a descendant or a Jew, you can never enter into a joyful paradise. This is because, according to the Jews traditions, their Lord does not allow non-Jews to enter His highest level of Heaven.

The question is, why does God give restrictions only to those with Jewish descent who can enter Paradise? Then, how the fate of others who have no offspring?

The concept of Judaism is in accordance with the concept that God is One and All. However, it will be difficult for you (who have no Jewish blood) to seek your Lord’s truth here, because of the lineage factor.


Christianity is one of the religions that claim to be monotheism, but in reality Christianity is polytheism, that is, when we look at their concept of God is known as the Trinity or Trinity.

The word Christian comes from Christ “Savior” is the title by Saul (Paul of Tarsus) and his followers. Christianity has been split into dozens of new religions, from large and global to local and less popular. But in general, Christianity is divided into three new religions, each with its own church and religious leaders. The three greatest religions of this Christian sphere are: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. Although they differ in places of worship and spiritual leadership, even in their gospels, they all agree on the principle of trinity or trinity doctrine.

The Catholic religion is the oldest Christianity. Catholic itself means the common people and claim to be the mother of all churches and the sole missionary in the world. Also called the Western Church or Latin Greeks, because they dominate Western Europe, which ranging from Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and others. It is also called the Church of Peter or Apostles because they claim that the builder of their religion is Peter, the most senior disciple of Jesus.

The Catholic religion believes that the Holy Spirit grows from the Father and the Son simultaneously. They also believe that God the Father and the Son God have the same perfection. They even believe that Jesus or the Son of God came with God the Father created the heavens and the earth.

The Orthodox religion, also known as the Eastern Church or the Greek Church, was a Christian religion that broke off Christian Catholicism in 1054 AD The Orthodox religion believes that the Holy Spirit only grows from the Father alone, and they believe that God the Father is more important than the Son God.

Protestantism is a follower of Martin Luther who broke from the Catholic religion because of the many unreasonable things of the Catholic religion. Called Protestants because of their attitude that protests against the Old Church or the Catholics. They call themselves with the Church of the Evangelists because of the confession of those who only want to follow the Gospel alone. Sometimes they are called Christians only. Protestant religion among religions that prohibits making statues and images to worship. Nevertheless, they still believe in the doctrine of the Trinity which is essentially God one but consists of three persons.

In the history of the divinity of Christians, Jesus’ new fellowship was made in the late second century AD. Then at the Council of Necea in 325 AD, the Son of God was paralleled with God the Father. Furthermore, in the third century the Holy Spirit was held. At the council at the Ephese the Blessed Mother was aligned with the Trinity by the Catholics. That is the history of divinity in Christianity.
The concept of the Trinity is quite confusing for someone who is on a quest to find the truth of history and which religion is true. In one of the teachings of the church (Ortodox), they believe that God the Father is more important than the Son of God (Jesus). And on the Catholic side, God the Father and the Son are the same. And the conclusion of the divine history in the upper paragraph, Jesus never declared that he was God, nor Son of God, because this statement was declared by the Church at the end of the second century AD, not when Jesus himself during his ministry. This gives the impression that God the Father and Son have their own personality and are not singular (One). So that Christian religion is also not in accordance with the concept that God is One and the Most All (because power is divided into Three Persons – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).


Shinto (神道 Shintō, literally meaning “the path / path of the god or spirit”) is a religion originating from Japan. From the Meiji estrangement until the end of World War II, Shinto was the official religion in Japan.

Shinto’s own words actually come from the Chinese language meaning “the way of the gods”, “worship of the gods”, “the teachings of the gods”, or “religion of the gods”. And the name Shinto itself was only used for the first time to refer to the original religion of the Japanese nation when Buddhism and Confucian religion (China) had entered Japan in the sixth century AD.

The name Shinto emerged after the entry of Buddhism to Japan in the sixth century AD which was intended to refer to the original belief of the Japanese nation. For centuries between Shintoism and Buddhism there has been such a mixture (even Shinto religion is under the influence of Buddhist authority) that Shinto’s religion is always preoccupied with efforts to maintain its own “life”. In further developments, faced with a meeting between Buddhism and the original belief of the Japanese (Shinto) that ultimately resulted in a considerable competition between the Japanese priests (Shinto) and the Buddhist priests, to maintain the survival of the Shinto religion, the priests accepted and entered Buddhist elements into their religious system. As a result Shinto religion has almost lost most of its original properties. For example, various religious ceremonies and even shrine shrine building forms are heavily influenced by Buddhism. The statue of the god that was originally unknown in the Shinto religion began to be held and the simplicity of the Shinto shrines became gradually replaced by a colorful, ornament, style.

The gods in Shinto religion are infinite, ever increasing, this is expressed in terms of “Yao-Yarozuno Kami” which means “eight billion gods”. According to Shinto religion the belief in the spell is actually considered to have a positive sense. A large number means to show that the gods have great, perfect, most holy and most benevolent qualities. Hence numbers like 8, 80, 180, 5, 100, 10, 50, 100, 500 and so on are regarded as sacred numbers because they show that the number of gods is unlimited.

From the above quotation can be seen the existence of three things contained in the conception of Shinto religion, namely:

The gods who are generally the personification of the natural phenomena are considered to be able to hear, see and so on that must be worshiped directly. The gods can occur (incarnation) of the deceased human spirit. The gods are considered to have a spirit (mitama) who emanate and abide in holy places on earth and affect human life.

The concept of many of these gods is similar to the Hindu and Buddhist concepts that worship many gods, thus making this concept incompatible with the concept of the One God Who Has All.


The Chinese people strongly believe in the gods and spirits that inhabit this world. Therefore, they worshiped and sought help from the gods. In Taoism, the divine sources are the Tao. Basically, Tao is defined as the “way” as described in Tao Te Ching and Chinese philosophical books. The gods are defined as administrators and bureaucrats who can do something if they want to. In Taoism, Tao is the one who makes something that does not exist.Tetapi procurement is not apart from the connection between Tao and Te. Te is a subtle force, a virtue. Te is something that causes everything there to be like that (state). Example: Tao and Te are related, both can not be separated. Tao existed before the heavens and the earth. Tao is the source of all things, but Tao is not an object like any other object. Everything comes from him, but he is not derived. Tao is guided by “spontaneity” (tzu jan). Everything that happens in nature, happens by itself without any interference from anywhere. It happens according to its nature.

According to the Chinese mind, all natural phenomena can be divided into two classifications: yang and yin. The “yang” is the basic principle for men, the sun, the south, the heat of daylight, and everything that is active, while the “yin” is a principle like: woman, moon, north, cold, , and anything passive. The Chinese think that man must be able to adjust to the rhythm of the universe. life must be harmonious with the three basics: the life of the heavens, the earth, and human life itself. In addition it must be adjusted also with fengsui which means wind and water. Adjustment means that human life must be adapted to the direction of wind and water conditions in which humans reside. Each building used must also be adjusted to the circumstances fengsui, so it will be protected from any catastrophe.

In conclusion, again, the concept of many of these gods is similar to the Hindu and Buddhist concepts that worship many gods, thus making this concept incompatible with the concept of the One God who has everything.


In the teachings of Islam, every Muslim is obliged to clearly worship one God only, that is God. God has not only heaven (life after death), but He also has a kingdom in the universe, the earth, and between them.

How large is the abode God provides for the inhabitants of heaven?

“And hasten ye seek for forgiveness from your Lord and get the heaven as wide as the heavens and the earth provided for the righteous.” [Ali Imran 133]

In fact, the only religion that explains that God has seven layers of sky (multiverses), which scientists have recently begun to believe that the universe we know today (the first sky) is not the only one, and there are still 6 more universes on top of our universe.

“He is God, Who made all things in the earth for you, and He will go to heaven, and He made seven heavens, And He is all Knower of all things” [Al-Baqarah: 29].

“Who has created the seven heavens in layers, ye have not seen the creation of the Beneficent God of unbalanced, so look again and again, do you see anything unbalanced?” [Al-Mulk: 3].

“The seven heavens, the earth and all that exists in them glorify Allah, and there is nothing but glory by praising Him, but you do not understand their rosary, for He is the Most Merciful, the Forgiving.” [Al-Isra: 44].

The first skies are the universes that astronomers have studied to date still do not know exactly how large they are and also do not know how many planets, stars, galaxies and others are contained only in the first sky (trilliun-trilliun many and still countless). Then, the second sky is a sky much bigger and wider than the first sky. His parable is like a human ring that is in a vast desert (hadith prophet Muhammad). The ring here is like the great first sky and the vast desert is the size of the second sky. And then, the third heaven is just as much larger than the second sky (the same as the first and second heaven). And so on up to the seventh heaven. And, God dwells upon it again from the seventh heaven, that is, Throne.


Is not this incredible? In Islam, the earth and its contents are something very very very small and almost meaningless.

Secondly, Islam teaches that God is the eternal God. This teaching is actually no different from the concept of God in other religions, but its application is different from in other religions.

Islam teaches us to achieve all the welfare of life after death, not to strive for the prosperity of life in this world. Because, considering almost all the activities on earth is often happened injustice and crime. This means death on earth is not the end of everything, but it is the continuation of our life to travel longer and everlasting. This kind of knowledge is not shared by other religions.

Allah says:
“But you choose the life of the world, the life of the Hereafter is better and more lasting.” [Al-A’la 16-17]

“And there is no life of this world, other than jest and mere jokes, and indeed the home of the Hereafter is better for those who are devout, so do you not understand it?” [Al-An’am 32]

‘Behold, that the life of this world is but a play and an abandon, of jewelry and glory among you, and proud of the many treasures and of the children, as the rain which crops the peasants; then the plant becomes dry and you see the yellow color then become destroyed. And in the Hereafter there will be a harsh punishment and forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure. And the life of this world is nothing but deceitful pleasure. Compete ye with (forgiveness) from your Lord and the heaven as wide as the heavens and the earth, which is reserved for those who believe in Allah and His Messengers. That is the gift of God, given to whom He will. And Allah has a great gift. ” [Al Hadith 20-21].


Naturally, this raises the question of whether there is evidence of life after the end of time. The first question: Is modern science now able to provide the answer that the end-time life is true?

To answer the first question above requires science science from a very wide range of disciplines. Until this moment too, science of the real world (including the earth and the universe) just still can not be revealed. Science is also still not able to uncover kanapa something or someone can live and die? Why is that ? because it requires knowledge of the existence of another realm other than the real world (the earth and the universe). However, since the development of science until now, most scientists have begun to believe in the existence of another nature, or often referred to as the real world, or unseen, or the dark world. Scientists agree if there are objects that have positive properties, then surely there will be objects that have negative properties. Meaning, everything must have opposite sex. This is equivalent to believing that if there is a real world, there is also a real nature (unseen). Modern scientists today agree that the universe is widespread in cause by the forces of the unseen nature (dark energy and dark matter). This proves that the unseen nature does exist. Click here to learn more about dark energy and dark matter.

In conclusion, science science is not enough evidence to prove the other realms of existence, but there are already signs of progression in that direction even if only slightly.

The first reason, the universe is there that design and manage. It is impossible that everything we can see and which we can not see, suddenly appears without anyone creating, the creator, the God. The second reason, the universe is in equilibrium, for example according to the “Big Bang” theory if the universe is created with a slight decrease in gravity, then the entire universe will be sucked back to zero or early. Whereas, if the universe is traveling at a speed that is a little too fast, then the heavenly bodies, like the earth, the sun, the stars, the planets, etc., will not form at all. That is, the universe is in balance.

What are the conditions and rules to be able to enter and enjoy the heavenly life?

Once you agree with the above opinion (God has only one), let’s return to the analogy of the owner of a property as we discussed above. There are two possibilities whether we can enter the property, that is, everyone can enter freely (tapa terms), or only a few people can enter the property (heaven). Let’s look again at the rules outlined by the religions above, is there a rule of the game (requirements) that must be fulfilled as a selection material before entering the life of a luxurious paradise? Or there is no requirement? If it does not exist, surely everyone can enter it without selection. However, if any, then we should be able to pass the selection by complying with these conditions. Here is our second task in this world, to obey all the commandments of the Lord and to know all his restrictions (those conditions). And once again, we must do this task before death comes to us.

If we look back, whether these conditions have been put forward by the bearers of the news (prophets) earlier, or not. Let us study together below, what are the conditions that every prophet has in every religion?

Are there any of our predecessors (prophets) who have taught science about the existence of the second life after death, and what are the conditions we must take to enter it?

To answer this question, indeed until this moment there has been no one from death, live back to our real world. Or, someone from the unseen life makes a visit to the real world and gives news of the unseen life. If no one has ever done so, then who ever brought the important news about life that is considered unreal (supernatural) it?

Then, to whom we can get knowledge about the natural life of the unseen? We need knowledge of this because in every luxury and well-heeled property, surely there must be owners. And of course, we need to get permission from the owner if we want to enter it.

The answer is certainly the creator of both nature (real and supernatural). And the creator has given this message through the messenger of messengers (the prophets). They (the prophets) have explained repeatedly about the end-time life and how to reach it.

Notice and knowledge about this second life is something that is common and in the know by many people in various religions, namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And every religion, this proof of proclamation has been written in their own books.


The world claims that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. In ancient Hindu (vedic) religions, there are four books: the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda and the Artharva Veda, which contain and describe other life after the life of this world. The four books state this life.

An ancient Hindu scholar (vedic), Shree Rahul Samkithyayan penah said “The Rishis of the Verdic period believes that there is another world beyond this one. It is to that world that all men go after they die. They will be able to enjoy eternal bliss in that world. And in the netherworld there is a place called hell, which is surrounded by thick darkness “. (Universal Visions, Page 552, Samskrithyayan).

Meaning in Indonesian:

The Rishis (saints in Hindu religion) in ancient Hindu days believed that there was another life after the life of the world today. Where the world is there are good people after death. They can enjoy life after death very happily. Moreover, in life after death, there is also a place called “hell”, which is surrounded by thick darkness.

This is in contrast to the theory of re-incarnation, which is claimed by Hindu priests and says that people who do good will be reborn again and again. This statement is written in the verse Chandagyopanished 5: 10: 7, as follows:

Thadya iha ramaneeya charanaa abhyas

hyahnhayathe ramaneeyam yoneem

Aapadhyeran Brahmanayoneem Va

Kshathriyayoneem va Vysysayoneem va,

Adhya iha kapuyacharana abhyas

Hahayather kapuyam yoneem

Aapadhyeran shyoyoneem va

Sukarayoneem va Chandala Yoneem Va

Meaning: Those who forsake virtue, will be reborn through the vagina of Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vysya. While those who do evil, will be born again through the vagina of a dog, pig or chandalas.

This statement is clearly unfounded its truth (hindu book is already in edit) because of the sins they have committed in the previous birth. This assumption by placing Chandalas in a level place with dogs and pigs is the manipulation of high-ranking officials to the weak.

In addition to the Rishis (ancient verdic), other statements can be found in the Unpanishads which have proved that life after death in other realms (not the earth or universe we observe today) is as follows:

Asurya naama the loka andhena thamasa vrithaha

Thaam stheyprethyabhigat chandyiye to chath mahano janaha.

Meaning: Life in this world that is lack of sunlight is full of darkness. Those who lack religious belief and seek only the riches of the world’s life, forgetting God, will reach a world full of darkness. [Easawasyoanishad-3].

And the description of life in heaven is explained in the book

Sorge lokey na bhayam kinjanasthi

na thathrathwam na Jaraya bibhethy

Ubhe, theerthwashanaya pipasay

Shokathigo mothaathe swargha loke

Meaning: Fear is not known in heaven. No more death there, you do not have to fear getting old and dying. Those who live there are not troubled and sad. And they get all kinds of happiness. [Katopanishad 1: 1: 12]

In the concept of Islam, Esasawasyoanishad is similar to the letter in the book of the Qur’an, namely in the letter of Al-Imran, as follows:

“Every soul will feel death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages. Whoever is kept from hell and put into heaven, then really he has been lucky. The life of the world is nothing but a delusional pleasure. “[Al-Quran, Al-Imran 185]

Then the book of Katopanishad has a translation similar to the Quran in the letter of Al-Baqarah, as follows:

“And proclaim the glad tidings unto those who believe and do good, that for them there are Gardens which flow through the rivers therein. Each of them is given the provision of fruits in those paradises, they say: “This is what was given to us first”. They are given similar fruits and for them there are holy wives and they abide therein. “[Al Quran, Al-Baqarah 25].

Both of the above messages in both holy books, Hinduism and Islam carry the same message, that we are not deceived by the present world life, trying to find a way to the happiness of heaven’s life. So, in essence we should be more focused and spend a lot of time to find the truth and the way to achieve the life of heaven when we are still alive in the world.


Jesus Christ once counseled his people to give up some of their wealth to gain forgiveness later in life (after death). This counsel is recorded in the gospels, as follows:

“Thou shalt not gather the treasures of the earth; on earth moth and rust corrupt it and thieves dismantle and steal it. But bundle up treasures in heaven; in heaven moth and rust do not damage it and thieves do not dismantle and steal it. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. “[Matthew 6: 19-21]

The purpose of the above quotation is that Jesus advises a person who has more property than his or her need to give some of his property (alms) to others in need (especially to the poor and needy), and not to store them in storage (such as banks and entities other finances). The treasure in the sadaqah will be the value of wealth that will be in the harvest in heaven later.

And he also explains clearly how to atone for the true sin, if one commits a sin such as stealing, fornication and others with their physical body by hand, foot or eye, through the following Gospel quotation.

“And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off, for it is better to enter into life crippled than to have two hands thrown into hell, into unquenchable fire; (where the caterpillar will not die, and the fire will not be extinguished.) And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off, for it is better to enter life lame than to have both of your feet thrown into hell; (where the worm will not die, and the fire will not be quenched.) And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out, for it is better to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye than with two eyes to be cast into hell, the caterpillar does not die and the fire is not extinguished. Because everyone will be salted with fire. “[Mark 9: 43-49]

In both of the above messages, Jesus clearly informs us that there will be a second life (ie life in the kingdom of God), that of life in heaven (happiness) and hell (fire that will never be extinguished).

In the second message above (Mark 9: 43-49), Jesus clearly advises and teaches how to gain the life of heaven and how to atone for the guilt of sin while living in the world today. The conclusion is to atone for sin, requiring extra effort and sometimes classified as extreme (even by today’s modern standards). According to the message, Christians are not only enough to believe in the existence of Jesus but also to do something about the limbs that commit sin so as not to be a burden of sin on the day of reckoning, ie on the day when each limb will be asked and asked for accountability.

In Islam, the Qur’an has also described a principle similar to Matthew’s above letter in the letter of Al-Baqarah, as follows:

O ye who believe! Spend (in the way of Allah) a part of your good works and some of what We have sent from the earth for you. And do not choose bad and bad then you spend from it, but you yourself do not want to take it but by squinting at him. And know that Allah is Rich and Praiseworthy. [Al-Baqarah 267]

“They ask what they spend. Answer: “What treasures you spend should be given to mothers, relatives, orphans, the poor and those who are on the way”. And whatever good you do, Allah is well acquainted. “[Al-Baqarah 215]

“The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed that grows seven ears, in every grain of a hundred seeds. God multiplies (rewards) for whom He will. And Allah is All-Knowing (His grace) again Knowing. “[Al-Baqarah 261]

The above verse, Allah gives direct command to do good deeds with alms of business results, such as monthly salary, assets, corporate profits, and others. By alms, a Muslim is promised to save the reward (value of wealth) that will be quoted in life after death later.

Then, like what life in the hereafter?

Before answering the questions above, can you imagine the most interesting tourist attractions you want to visit on earth? According to some survey data from Travel & Leisure, Huffington Post and US News, most people want to travel to places where there is running water, for example, beaches that have large and moving waves, winds that do not heat and nor cold. And, certainly accompanied by family, true love and many servants who will continue to serve drinks and food.

The best place-the best tour in paradise according to the desires of most people in the world. The Qur’an gives a description of heaven, as follows.

“And proclaim the glad tidings of those who believe and do good deeds, that for them (are provided) the heaven that flows under the rivers. Whenever they are given the provision of fruit from heaven, they say, “This is the provision given to us first.” They have been given (fruits) are similar. And there they (earn) the pure couples. They will abide therein. “[Al-Baqarah 25]

“In those paradises there are good and beautiful angels.” [Ar-Rahman 70]

“Like a well-kept pearl.” [Al-Waqi’ah 23]

“It is as if they were jewels and marjan.” [Ar-Rahman 58]

And the women’s parishioners were welcomed by cute little children and handsome young men. Their age is not growing. It always looks beautiful to look at. Their job is to serve the inhabitants of heaven. They walk around the inhabitants of heaven to always be ready to serve whatever the will of their master. Allah swt said,

“They are surrounded by young people who remain young.” [Al-Waqi’ah 17]

“And they are surrounded by young men who remain young. When you see it, you will think of them, the sprinkled pearls. “[Al-Insaan 19]

That’s the picture of Heaven.

1. Paradise paradise created by ALLAH from gold. The prospective inhabitants described in Sura 23 / Al-Mukminun verses 1-11, are:

a. those who keep the mandates (which he carries) and his promises,
b. people who keep the prayer,
c. people who turn away from wasted work.
d. people who keep his cock, except to their wives

2. Heaven Adn was created by Allah SWT from a white diamond. Prospective residents, is
a) Those who are patient because they seek the blessings of their Lord, establish prayers and spend some of the fortune that We give them secretly or openly and reject evil with good. (Surah 13IAr Ro’du: 22-24)
b) One who repents, believes, and works righteously. (Surah 19 / Maryam: 60-61)
c) those who are truly cautious. (QS 38 / Shod: 49-50)

3. Heaven Na’im created by Allah SWT of white silver. Prospective residents, is
a. those who believe and do good works (Sura 31 / Luqman: 8)
b. those who ward off (QS 68 / Al-Qolam: 34)

4. Heaven Ma’wa was created by Allah SWT from emerald green. Prospective residents, are:
a. those who fear Allah SWT (Surah 53 / An- Najm: 15)
b. people who are truly faithful and pious. (QS 32 / As-Sajdah: 19)
c. those who fear Allah’s greatness and refrain from bad lust. (QS 79 / An-Nazi’at: 40-41)

5. Heaven Darussalam created by Allah SWT of red yakut. Prospective residents as described in Surah Al-An’am verse 127, are:

a. people of strong faith and Islam;
b. those who pay attention to the verses of the Qur’an and practice it in everyday life because of Allah SWT.

6. Heaven Darul Muqomah created by Allah SWT of the white gem. The prospective inhabitants, are the people whose kindness is very much and very rarely make mistakes.

7. Heaven Al-Maqomul Amin was created by Allah SWT of gold. Prospective inhabitants, are those whose faith has reached the level of muttaqin, ie those who truly fear God.

8. Heaven Khuldi created by Allah SWT from red and yellow marjan. Prospective inhabitants, are those who obey God’s command and stay away from any restrictions. (Surah 25 / Al-Furqon: 15)

Back again about the purpose of life in the world versus in the afterlife, can be learned the verse of God as follows:

“And whatever is given to you (wealth, position, power, happiness of the world, science, etc.), then it is the pleasures of the worldly life and jewelry, while what is with God is better and more enduring. you do not understand it? ” [QS. Al-Qasas: 60].

The purpose of the above verse is that all the desires of our world are temporary. In heaven hereafter, everything will be eternal and forever.
That’s how the picture of life after death. So should every individual trying to find the truth and worship to GOD, the One and the True God.