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The mission of this website is to provide education and knowledge (especially to non-Muslims) about the purpose of life from Islamic point of view, and its similarities with other major religions, especially Christianity, Catholic, Hindu and Buddha.

Many people in this world (Muslims and non-Muslims) have not really understood why we, human beings, are born and live in this world. What is really the Purpose of Life?

For example, if you ask a small child what is the ideal when grown? Most of them would answer the type of work or job when they are grown later, for example, some of them would want to become a doctors, lawyers, businessmen or even presidents. If you ask adults, most of them would give similar answers or whatever the answers are to the end of the treasure, position, happiness of life, have many children of big family member, and others. So essentially, every individual has their own different goals, but all of them just want to achieve something in this world only. Why? Maybe because they are not so sure about anything else beyond this life.

Very regrettably, very little they will reply that the ideals in the pursuit is to succeed in life after death, the ideals want to go to heaven and live forever forever. This is actually really big thing and ultimate goal.

As an example of history, if you are guilty of a crime, the police will arrest you and put you in jail. And then, the question is: If in prison, you are sorry for your actions and want to change, will you strive to live continuously in prison, or do you want to get out of jail as fast as possible and do good in his back home? Surely, most of us would definitely want to choose the second option.

We have all learned that, once upon a time, our eldest father, Prophet Adam, lived in the village of Heaven (where he came from). Then, because of Satan’s temptations, he and his wife, Eve, made the mistake of disobeying God’s command (by eating the forbidden fruit of Heaven). Then, God punished him out of Heaven and into this world (earth). Now, we notice that this earth (world) was like a prison to him (because of he had done wrong). During his lifetime in this earth, Prophet Adam, was trying to improve himself during his life. The same question from the above paragraph, did the Prophet Adam want to improve himself and stay forever in this earth, or did he want to regain his hometown (heaven)? Of course, he would also chose the second option.
 Consciously or unknowingly, most humans want to continue to do good and achieve its ideals in this world. In fact, this world (earth) was the prison of his Prophet Adam. And we, at this time, chose the first option (prefer to stay in prophet Adam’s prison). It is very unfortunate.For those of you who are non-Muslims, any information on this website does not intend to offend or defame other religions. However, this website rather explains and provides some evidence of interreligious similarities that were taught by God’s messengers from millions or thousands of years ago. The messengers of God bring the news and message what is the purpose of our lives.

Any information on this website also does not intend to force religious adherents to enter Islam, because a Muslim (including myself) is forbidden to force a follower of any religion to convert to Islam. However, as a Muslim, has an obligation to give or explain the logic, science, history and evidence of the doctrine of God’s messengers. After studying this, the followers of other religions have the right to consider and decide on their respective choices. But remember, your choice will be questioned and accountable by God in life after death (not in the realm of this world). So, please make a very wise choice !

As for Muslims, most of them already know that life is to worship God, but most of them, in practice, still do not really understand what worship really is. Here, there is a difference between knowing and understanding. For example, if you want to continue your education from high school to college, you already know that you are required to take the college entrance exam, but you still do not understand how the strategy to pass the exam, that is by studying diligently and collect as much value as possible.

If you look at the words “Learning” and “Gathering Value” are the two things we should do daily in life. Learning is learning the teachings and away from the religious restrictions (which have been taught by the messengers of God, or the Prophet). After knowing these teachings, then we must collect the value (reward) by worship and do good (like giving alms, sharing knowledge, and others). The value here can be interpreted as a reward. By collecting rewards, you will be lucky and wealthy when facing life after death. The more rewards, the greater your chances of getting into Heaven.

More detailed information can be found in the subsequent tabs, on Life After Death, Questions (FAQs) about Islam, and others. Hopefully the information on this website useful. If there is any question, or concern, you can send an email to:

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