Expanding Universe – Scientific Truth of Quran

Expanding Universe

As was just recently discovered in 1920’s by Russian scientists, Alexander Friedmann & Belgian Scientiest, Georges Lemaitre, we all know now that our universe is expanding day by day at high accelerate rate. The speed of expansion increases day by day in all directions. This means the originate of all this must have started from a single point (all galaxies, stars, planets, etc were once joined together), which is very dense and infinitely small. Then, theory was named as “Big Bang”. In 1929, this theory was later proven by Edwin Hubble (American Astronomer) by his discovery in measuring distances between galaxies that are moving apart all the time.

The Quran already talked about this single point (join together) around 1400 years ago. How can a man named Muhammad knew this that time (because there was primitive astronomy), while discovery was just recently in 20th century ? And who was he addressing to in this Book of Quran ? Of course, the Quran addresses this to the scientists and astronomers, such as Edwin Hubble, Alexander Friedmann, Georges Lemaitre, and all today scientists around the world, including you.

Edwin Hubble was raised as a Christian, though he grew up believing in a control system that was led mostly by “destiny”. As time continued on, Hubble furthered himself from the belief of religion, and did ┬ánot continue mentioning religion or the ability of a higher power,despite the Big Bang Theory and the Expanding Theory. Both the Big Bang and Expanding theories collided with atheist views that the universe had always existed.

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